Our specialization

generalni praxe

Public contracts

Support in tendering, procurement administration and professional bid processing

verejne zakazky

Law of territorial self-governing units

Legal assistance to elected representatives of territorial and professional local authorities.

General practice

Expert drafting of contracts, representation before courts and executors, insolvency, legal advice.

obchodni spolecnosti

Business corporations

Founding of new corporations, corporate law, liquidation, association law, cooperatives, owners' associations.

Trestni pravo ikona

Criminal law

Top defence of prosecuted persons and representation of victims in criminal proceedings.

Medialni pravo ikona

Media law, advertising, privacy protection

Implementation of projects in the field of television broadcasting, advertising, e-shop operations, personality counselling, GDPR, services of personal data protection officers.

Financni pravo ikona

Financial law and tax law, securities, mergers

Assistance in the field of securities management, in particular in their issuance, transfer and recording in book-entry, tax consultancy and optimization, business company transformations.

Evropske dotace ikona

European subsidies

Advice on requesting financial aid from state and European funds.

Nemovitosti ikona

Real estate

Complex provision of sale or purchase of real estate, easements, negotiation with the Cadastral Office.

Rodinne pravo ikona

Family law

Representation in divorce, counselling on parental rights and child care.

Stavebni pravo ikona

Construction law

Comprehensive support for construction management, solution of erroneous entries in the real estate cadastre, change of purpose of use of buildings, solution of illegal buildings.

Prestupky ikona

Administrative law, offences

Representation in offences, dealing with traffic offences, legal assistance in the field of social security law.

First legal aid

We provide free legal consultation in terms of the "pro bono legal service" to inform the client of their rights, obligations, and possibilities of further action in specific cases. First legal aid is a public good activity for the benefit of people who need to find their way in the legal environment and in their present legal situation. Each consultation consists of hearing the problem, familiarizing the applicant with their situation and options, making references to relevant legislation and recommendations on how to proceed. We cooperate, for example, with Prague 12 and Prague 22 municipalities and we provide basic legal assistance to their residents.


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"Justice is a constant will
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Ulpianus Domitius


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